Kodiak is a new map for Natural Selection 2, created by community mapper Loki. Kodiak features lush vegetation, flowing water courses, wide open spaces, and vistas of surrounding asteroid field. The thick foliage found in many areas on Kodiak create a new type of Natural Selection 2 gameplay, one in which both Aliens and Marines can hide, duck, and weave among the undergrowth. Kodiak is now included as standard in Natural Selection 2, and will download automatically via Steam. To coincide with the release of Kodiak, the Kodiak Pack is now available on Steam. This pack gives access to Kodiak armor and shoulder pad for marines, a camouflage for Skulks, and a camouflage Exosuit, all available through a new in-game customisation system.

There is more to the Kodiak than meets the eye: Hidden in the undergrowth, and disguised by the map being included in the official game, is the fact that Kodiak was created by a community mapper. A Natural Selection 2 player called Loki spent months painstakingly crafting the rich landscapes of Kodiak. Now that Kodiak is included in Natural Selection 2, Loki receives half of the revenue from every single copy of the Kodiak Pack sold on Steam. Every time someone purchases the Kodiak Pack, they are not just supporting Unknown Worlds, they are also directly supporting the Natural Selection 2 modding community! Find out more about the Kodiak update right here.