CATALYST is not one feature or idea. It’s many. This is the start of a new development cycle for NS2, one focusing on a clear Roadmap toward making NS2 ‘2.0’. Your partnership throughout NS2’s development has been crucial & we want to partner with you to boost the game into the next phase.

Our team is directly funded by sales of NS2 & it’s DLC. While this has been sustaining NS2 development over the last couple of years, we want to move faster. At the moment, our team consists of just One full-time member, and a handful of part-timers (plus many community contributors). We would like to put in more hours of development time & speed up delivery of new features and fixes.

To facilitate this, the TSF are introducing a new Marine unit code-named: SANDSTORM, in an effort to stop a new evolution of the Kharaa: Toxin. This new breed of Kharaa is like nothing seen before. Frontier reports of emissive green glows in the battlefield only add to the mysterious new evolution in the warfront.

Unknown Worlds has always tried to take some form of open development towards its games, Natural Selection 2 has been no exception. Learning from the example set by our co-workers on the Subnautica team, we are bringing you our Roadmap on Trello. Over the next few months our team will be working harder than ever to accomplish many of the goals we have been working towards since day one. Browsing through the board should give you a great idea of the efforts we are making to help new and old players alike enjoy the NS2 experience.

These next few months promise to see some of the largest and sweeping changes to NS2 that we have ever done, as we hope to make a big marketing push to have people check out the game again or even play for the first time.

Click the button to the right to check out our public trello board and see what the future has in store!